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17th November 2017

WSI Container Delivery Service in Sydney explains some of our safety guidlines

When it comes to warehouse safety, WSI customs bond store and container transport services in Sydney are serious about protecting both our staff and our visitors alike. 

When safety procedures are soundly implemented there are major benefits such as higher employee satisfaction as well as increased productivity. Our container transport company in Sydney know that by minimising the risk of injury, fewer workplace disruptions take place and absenteeism associated with injury is also reduced. Equipment downtime is another factor which can be avoided through the appropriate use of safety procedures.

Here are a few safety guidelines that our container transport company in Sydney use to keep our warehouse safe:

1.      Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards

2.      Ensure Safety Equipment is Used at all Times

3.      Clearly Label Designated Hazardous Zones

4.      Always Use Safe Lifting Techniques

5.      Provide Training and Refresher Courses 

6.      Promoting hazard awareness

To find out more about our range of bond store, warehouse and container transport services in Sydney, contact the team at WSI today.