WSI container tansport company Sydney on what to do when shipping perishable good
20th April 2018

Whilst shipping containers are perfect for moving dry goods from one end of the world to the other, what happens if you need to ship perishable commodities?

To ensure that your goods arrive in the designated location, while remaining fresh and intact, our container transport company in Sydney say that a refrigerated shipping container could just save the day.

Sometimes referred to “as reefers”, these shipping containers come equipped with refrigeration equipment and are capable of achieving temperatures of -30C. Both 20ft and 40ft refrigerated shipping containers are used to carry a broad range of perishable goods, including meat, frozen goods, vegetable, seafood and dairy products. While goods such as flowers, vegetables and meat are some of the items that are shipped in these containers, other goods include vaccines and all other temperature sensitive materials can be sent as well.

Refrigerated containers are not only used when shipping perishable goods around the world. They have, in fact, found use on dry land, with restaurants, hotels and other institutions using them to store goods. This is so they don’t have to go through the costly process of redesigning their premises.

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