WSI container tansport company Sydney with points to remember when ordering your first container of goods
24th August 2018

Our container transport specialists in Sydney explain that it’s vital that you are aware of the challenges, regulations, costs and more that come with importing from overseas. If notyou may end up being substantially out of pocket.

Before you order your first container, read through our helful checklist and get the knowledge you need to understand what importing involves.

1. Importing Laws and Government Regulations - The Australian Government has many regulations you’ll need to follow if you’re importing goods. Fortunately, there are some great online resources to tell you what you need to know. Log into the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website as they are the main agency responsible for clearing your goods through customs.

2. Permits and restrictions - There is no requirement for businesses or individuals to have an overall license to import goods into Australia, however you may need a permit to clear certain types of goods through customs. There are several categories of goods are restricted or prohibited from import. You can find a complete list on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

3. Quarantined Goods - Plant, animal and mineral products will almost certainly need to be quarantined and treated for pests or other biological factors. Search the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for rules and guidelines.

4. Tariffs and Taxes - You will almost certainly have to pay some taxes and tariffs on your imported goods. Spend some time learning abou, Import entry costs and processing charges, customs duty taxes, GST and Goods classification.

Be sure to catch our news blog next week, when our experts in container transport in Sydney share more helpful tips on importing goods into Australia.


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