WSI container transport company explain the importance of truck awareness
10th August 2018

Our LCL container transport company in Sydney explain that the NSW Government’s new “Be Truck Aware” campain highlights the importance of taking extra care around trucks, especially if you live, work or travel in Sydney.

With increased construction work across Greater Metropolitan Sydney, there will be more trucks on our roads and changed traffic conditions than ever.

Our container transport company in Sydney is proud of our drivers commitment to safety and this is proven in the road safety track record of each of our drivers who take care on our roads.

Your safety is impotant to us and the two most important facts about trucks that you should keep in mind when on the roads are:

Trucks have blind spots - Trucks have blind spots and sometimes they might not be able to see you. It can often be difficult for people who have never driven a truck before to respond to the challenges that truck drivers face every day, however our truck drivers are looking out for you, so be sure to always look out for them. responsibility. 

Trucks can’t stop quickly - Trucks can’t stop as quickly as some other vehicles on our roads. Avoid merging in front of trucks, or unexpectedly stepping in front of trucks to cross the road.

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