WSI container transport company Sydney explain truck air pressure maintenance
31st August 2018

Here at WSI, our underbond warehouseing experts explain that maintaining air pressure is the single most effective way to maximise tire ROI. Air pressure helps to reduce heat, controlling truck tire wear, the life of the casing and enhancing tire performance.

Too much air: This creates a handful of performance and handling issues but too little air pressure is far more common and expensive.

Too little air: An under-inflated tire will flex more, resulting in increased friction that raises the rubber's temperature. Heat is a tire's greatest enemy; it causes a tire's components to deteriorate and may even damage the steel cords

Ambient temperature affects tire air pressure. Even perfect tires and rims can lose as much as 2 psi worth of air molecules which can work their way right through tire rubber. An effective tire management program includes checking all inflation pressures, including inside duals, and visually inspecting tires monthly or more often.

How much air do you need in tires? Ideal pressure varies with axle load, the number of tires per axle, typical cruising speed of your trucks and even weather.

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