WSI container transport company Sydney on the history and economic benefit of the humble shipping container
9th February 2018

These days shipping containers now transport televisions, computers, white goods and furniture safely and efficiently from overseas to our ports as Australia exports meat, cotton and grains which are transported cost effectively from regional locations to ports in shipping containers.

The humble shipping container has certainly changed the world as one of the the 20th century’s most important innovations.

Back in 1956 a converted World War II oil tanker renamed the Ideal X transported the world’s first shipping containers from New Jersey to Texas. This launched a global revolution which now sees a over 35 million metal boxes sailing across the oceans of the world.

In NSW, Port Botany is As Australia’s second largest container port, Port Botany handles over 99% of the State’s approximately 2.5 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) containers per year. Other NSW ports that handle shipping containers include the major industrial centres of Newcastle and Port Kembla.

The movement of freight in containers contributes around $3.2 billion to our Gross State Product, providing more than 21,000 direct and indirect jobs in the ports, transport and related industries.

Containers have certainly helped to shape the modern world contributing to our everyday lives by changing the way we produce, shop, eat, work and live.

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