WSI container tansport company Sydney explain some of our truck safety procedures
19th January 2018

Here at WSI, our experts in container delivery services Sydney ensure that our fleet of trucks is fitted with GPS tracking devices and here's why:

Customer satisfaction: With GPS our fleet is trackable 24/7 which means faster and more efficient service around the clock.

Route optimisation: We have real-time data on the location of every vehicle in our fleet allowing us to send the ideal route to avoid delays due to construction, traffic jams or accidents.

Reduce fuel costs: With fuel costs being one of the biggest expenses when it comes to fleet management GPS tracking devices help cut fuel by offering the most efficient route.

GPS tracking devices allow you to reduce the idle time that your fleet vehicles spend sitting in traffic or not in use by providing the most efficient route for your fleet drivers to take when they are on the road.

Improved safety for fleet vehicles: The overall safety of our fleet is improved allowing us to monitor drivers at all times.

Reduce losses due to theft: GPS tracking devices work to deter thieves and in the event that a truck is stolen, we are more likely to be able to recover the vehicle.

GPS tracking devices have many benefits in fleet vehicle management and can help reduce expenses that your business incurs while increasing customer satisfaction.

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