Container delivery service in Sydney share ways we keep our warehouse safe
27th July 2018

Here at WSI, the safety of our employees as well as the public is paramount.

Our container deliver services experts in Sydney know that warehouses are statistically one of the most hazardous places to work. 

Warehouse safety depends on workers being aware of their surroundings and knowing which hazards are most common in their workplace. Further to this, our safety policies are of the highest standard and much time is spent in keeping all procedures up to date and in line with current WHS laws.

Our under bond services explain that the most common injuries in warehouses are from forklifts, falling objects, repetitive motion such as lifting, reaching, pulling, and pushing and failure to wear the correct personal protective equipment

By teaching workers about the most common causes of injuries, workers can better recognise and avoid hazards, improving warehouse safety.

NSW has many regulations designed to keep people safe while working in warehouses. 

Here at WSI Group, we take safety seriously and with the many WHS regulations in place, WSI ensure compliance at all times. To find out more about us, contact our team of experts in container transport in Sydney.

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