WSI container delivery service in Sydney ask the question Will forklifts be replaced by robots in the near future?
28th March 2018

Forkifts are certainly a common sight throughout our warehousing in Sydney. They are a vital part of the WSI Group warehousing process – from taking new products off the truck for storage, to moving them to different shelving areas, to putting them back on a truck for delivery. In fact our forklift drivers are busily going back and forth all day!

With automation starting to take off, will forklifts have any place in the warehouses of the future? Some of the big companies such as Amazon have made the move to include an automated storage and retrieval processes, using robots to accurately select inventory, or entire pallets of products, move them to a new location, and update information in the inventory system. 

Benefits of an automated warehouse include:

  • Fewer staff
  • Risk reduction
  • Error reduction

Our experts in customs warehousing explain that there is no need to worry just yet. While automated picking systems may have started replacing the forklift in some warehouses, forklifts are not likely to vanish from the warehouse of tomorrow just yet.

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