9th March 2018

WSI container tansport company Sydney explain some of our container unpacking procedures

When it comes to managing health and safety, our container transport company in Sydney put the safety of our employees and the pubic at the top of our priority list.

That's why we are dedicated to correctly managing health and safety risks when unpacking containers transported by land or sea whether opening of the container doors or removing and transporting items. Because the items packed in containers vary significantly, management of associated risks also will vary from one container to another.

The team at WSI container transport Sydney explain that when it comes to unpacking containers, we first identify all potential hazards associated with unpacking shipping containers, assess them where necessary, and then eliminate the hazards so far as is reasonably practicable.  

Where necessary WSI container company in Sydney conduct a safety assessment, especially if the risks and effective control measures are unknown. Further to this we directly consult with our workers and their representatives who will be directly affected by any decision. Their experience will help you choose appropriate control measures and their involvement will increase the level of acceptance of any changes that may be needed to the way they do their work.

When it comes to unpacking containers, we review our control measures from time to time to ensure they are working as planned and remain relevant.

To find out more about the unpacking of containers, click on the government link below.