16th March 2018

WSI container transport company in Sydney explain why driver safety matters

Australian businesses are constantly being urged to sharpen their focus on workplace safety and this is especially true for transport businesses. Driving a truck has been identified as one of the most dangerous occupations in Australia, with one out of every three workplace deaths last year involving a transport worker.

With risks so high, our transport and logistics providers in Sydney explain that it’s clear that driver safety needs to be the number one priority for fleet managers:

Keeping track of how vehicles are being driven is vital, as is encouraging drivers to maintain a high calibre of driving style at all times. With GPS fleet management technology, it’s easy to pull data on how individual drivers are behaving on the road. Fleet managers such as our transport and logistics providers in Sydney are then able to analyse data on individual driver behaviour. 

One sure-fire way to help lower the risk of incident is to reduce the amount of time our vehicles spend on the road. GPS tracking enables us to monitor when a vehicle is in use out of hours, with geo-fencing proving valuable to showing when drivers are out of their jurisdiction. This way our container transport company in Sydney can monitor where our drivers should be at all times.

This is a number one priority here at WSI. Our transport and logistics providers in Sydney know that by failing to carry out timely maintenance, vehicle breakdowns are likely to occur, putting our drivers at increased risk of incident.

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