WSI container tansport company Sydney share truck safety tips for drivers
25th May 2018

Here at WSI, our container transport company in Sydney understands that driving takes careful attention, skill, and patience.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to keep themselves and others on the road safe. It’s vital that they keep their truck in good condition and practice safe driving.

Here our FCL container transport company in Sydney share some tips our drivers use to ensure maximum safety while trucking.

Rig maintenance – Each morning you must inspect your truck, ensuring mirrors, tyres horn and brakes etc. are adjusted and working perfectly. Careful, consistent maintenance is key to minimising risks on the road.

Keeping alert whilst driving - Always stay alert, keeping a careful watch on the road can give you ample time to avoid problems. Use extra caution when changing lanes and ensure blind spots are taken into account. Extra care must be taken during night driving with darkness hindering vision. Wet weather must also be taken into account, here it’s vital to reduce speeds and ensure ample time for braking.

Slow down - Here at WSI, our experts in container transport in Sydney ensure our truck drivers have achievable schedules. It’s vital that you don’t rush and stick to a reasonable speed.

Avoid high traffic areas where possible - Try to avoid crowded areas in cities and towns. When venturing into city areas, be sure to keep a decent gap between you and the car in front of you, carefully watching your blind spots as you manoeuvre through traffic.

Use the correct signals - For every lane change and turn, use the correct blinker, and be sure to signal within plenty of time to spare. Also, use your hazard lights whenever you’re going much slower than the surrounding traffic or whenever you’re experiencing problems.

Maintain your heath: To stay safe, it’s vital that you yourself are in a good condition for driving. Exhaustion can draw your attention away from the road, and a tired brain can prevent you from making smart decisions on the road. Rest when you’re feeling under the weather and don’t ignore your own energy levels. Remember…stop, revive and you'll survive!

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