WSI container transport company in Sydney on containerisation
4th May 2018

A system of standardised transport, containerisation uses common size of steel container to transport goods.

Our under bond services in Sydney explain that containers can easily be transferred between different modes of transport – container ships to trucks and even trains. Overall this makes the trade and transport of goods more efficient, with cheaper overall costs.

Approximately 90% of non-bulk goods are carried via container with a quarter of the worlds shipping containers originating from the world’s largest exporter of manufactured goods, China.

Some of the benefits of containerisation include:

  •       Efficiency of global trade
  •       Efficiency of unloading goods
  •       Reduced cost of trade
  •       More secure means of transporting goods

Here at WSI, our container transport logistics company in Sydney explain that the humble container has played an important role in this aspect of trade.

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