2nd October 2018

WSI container transport company in Sydney explain the methods of protecting your container cargo from damage

Here at WSI, our container transport company in Sydney know that the proper packing of cargo should not be underestimated.

Although the containers themselves are thoroughly tested to ensure that they can withstand stress and strain, this protection alone is not enough.

When the container is on board a ship and the ship is sailing, there are 6 ways (more than most people think), in which the ship can move. When the ship moves, so does the container and the cargo inside the container. Each of these movements causes a different kind of stress on the cargo packed inside the container and if there is movement of cargo inside the container, there is a great chance of damage.

Ships have been recorded as having huge rolling movements of up to 40 degrees! So, you can only imagine what could happen to the container loads.

A freight container is designed to protect your cargo and has several options for you to secure your cargo for transit. Here are just a few of the features and options for securing cargo:

  •       Wooden flooring – For anchoring with wedges and timber connectors
  •       Internal walls – To support lightweight goods
  •       Bull rings and lashing bars – Attaching points for ropes, wires, chains, strapping etc.
  •       Corrugated steel walls – Cross beams can be anchored in corrugation
  •       Wooden beams – For shoring and relieving pressure
  •       Nets – To secure fragile objects
  •       Airbags – Helping to absorb sudden impact
  •       Timer connectors – For securing pallets, skids and casings

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