Container delivery service in Sydney explain the various types of container loads
28th September 2018

Here at WSI our experts in underbond services in Sydney explain that there are many options whenit comes to shipping freight

Firstly, if you are shipping pallets of goods you need to consider freight dimensions (length, width and height) along with freight weight, fragility, storage requirements and delivery time. Once determined, you can narrow down the number of shipping options that will work for you.

Here our container transport company in Sydney explain the common freight shipping methods:

Less than truckload shipping (LTL) - When you need to haul more than 150 pounds of freight but not a full truckload, this might be the best option. This mode operates in a hub and spoke structure, where local terminals pick up your freight and operate as spokes and the bigger, central terminals are the hubs. There are a combination of goods from various shippers in most trailers. When they are transported to the hub the freight is sorted and consolidated again for additional transportation.

Full truckload shipping (FTL) - This option is ideal when you move cargo or pallet loads that are enough to justify the use of a whole semi-trailer (usually more than 15,000 pounds). When choosing this method, it is important to know that pricing is determined based on miles traveled. You may also talk to your freight professional about when to consider partial truckload shipping.

Expedited LTL shipping - Going this route eliminates potential delays in an effort to get goods where they need to be as fast as possible. While this comes with a premium price tag, the benefits can outweigh the costs, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Intermodal freight transportation - When your shipment is moving a long distance between major metro areas with flexible delivery times, intermodal transportation is an ideal choice. Freight moves by a combination of transportation modes such as rail, trucks and ships to streamline the process, making this choice eco-friendly and cost effective.

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