WSI container transport company in Sydney with some of the uses for old shipping containers
7th September 2018

Here at WSI Group, our container transport company Sydney deals with thousands of shipping containers every year. With the world taking on the concept of up-cycling in a major way, these highly useful metal structures have been known to be recycled and used in several innovative ways outside the industry as well. 

Just as viable as they are when being used to ship various products, safely across the seas of the world, there are so many innovative ways in which containers can be re-used.

Here is a brief description of just a few:

1. Theaters and Bistros: Reprocessing inter-modal containers into open theatres and bistros have become a popular trend in many places. Shipping containers have the ability to provide a recreational atmosphere even in their short utility time-frame.

2. Schools: In the poorer parts of the world where constructing a traditional building for schools can be expensive, using containers for classrooms have become a noteworthy trend.

3. Restaurants: Using reprocessed inter-modal containers as base structures for restaurants has become a very fashionable trend with many unique shipping container restaurants now found throughout the world.

4. Homes: Using cargo containers to build homes is yet another fantastic alternative that has been developing in the past decade. Such reprocessed shipping container homes are either transportable structures or are constructions permanently established in one location.

5. Swimming Pools: The rectangular cargo containers make for superb pool facilities both with their originally-constructed length and depth.

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